a creative project communication Framework

Senior capstone project by Mark Moran

academy for creative media | university of hawai'i west o'ahu


What is it? Development is where you take the visual design language and build the platform where it will be presented to the world, whether that is a brochure, website, podcast or film.

The parts of Development

Development is a process that can take many forms, depending on the type of creative media project. As such, it is important to view communication during this phase as a process of keeping the client up to date with your progress, while also providing them with important tasks to help move everything forward.

* This step depends on the method of delivery and type of platform being used, and can include printing, coding, filming, recording and others.

Modes of Communication

Communication across the framework has been broken into 3 primary types and 9 sub-types as follows:

Data Transmission

Discussion and Skill Training

Information Repositories

The intersection

Development tends to be an isolated process with the creative building the solution for their client. As such there are two primary processes that take priority in this phase:

Content and Copy

Primary Method: Shared Documentation

Backup Method: Email and Project Portal

While working on constructing the final deliverable for your client it is the perfect time for them to work on copy or content for the final product. This generally only applies to projects with lengthy development periods such as mobile apps, websites, or publications.

Building It

Primary Method: In-Person Meeting or Teleconference

Backup Method: Audio / Video Recording

Clients desire to feel heard and understood when providing feedback so in-person meetings or teleconferences are the preferred method to receive their design feedback. In addition an audio or video recording posted to your project portal allows both yourself and the client to review previous conversations.

The results of research

This section talks about how the research surveys sent to clients and creatives contributes to the formation of the above framework for this phase. 

Research limitations

This will talk about any limitations on the research as it relates to this phase (optional)

The Framework In action

This section will provide specific examples of how teach part of this phase can be conducted with the modes of communication specified in the table above.

While you were building

Content Development + Copywriting

A description of how these methods of communication are used in these parts of the process.

Building Your Home

Platform Selection + Functionality + Building

A description of how these methods of communication are used in these parts of the process.

Fine Tuning

Editing + Bug Checking

A description of how these methods of communication are used in these parts of the process.

A Creative Media Case Study

This section will talk about the ACM website project and how it demonstrates the process in action.

Case Study Background

The background on the case study and specifically how it was approached during the spring 2020 semester with a “before” and “after” communication methodological approach.

The Development Process

Talk about the elements of the process that are relevant to this case study.

Client Survey Results

Share the results of the survey for the ACM website client and how they demonstrate the framework for this phase.