A framework for

creative project communication

a senior capstone project by Mark Moran

academy for creative media | university of hawai'i west o'ahu

what is the key to

successful client communication?

At the center of this senior capstone project is the pursuit of understanding how communication affects creative media projects, and the specific methods of communication that are most effective in providing clarity from the client, confidence in the creative professional (“creatives”), and success of the project goals. 

By looking at each phase of a typical creative media project, and analyzing the results of surveys for both creatives and clients, this framework has been developed to encapsulate a more efficient way for both sides to work together and move forward.

What questions are we

Trying to Answer?

What is the goal?

Through the creation of this framework creatives may be able to provide clients with the best onboarding, education, and communication experience necessary for those clients to prepare, understand, and participate in a creative media project and work together towards a successful project outcome.

Download the Paper

If you would like to review the full paper that details how this framework came about, please click on the image below to download the PDF.

If weʻre going to build this framework, then first we have to understand the different modes of communication and how they work in a creative media project.