a creative project communication Framework

Senior capstone project by Mark Moran

academy for creative media | university of hawai'i west o'ahu

The Framework

In Summary

Through the creation of this framework creatives may be able to provide clients with the best onboarding, education, and communication experience necessary for those clients to prepare, understand, and participate in a creative media project and work together towards a successful project outcome.

How to build effective


While the challenges of communication within a creative media project are diverse, there are certain elements that are common between them, such as a lack of frequency, not providing relevant information, and being unfamiliar with specific communication methods and systems. Based on the survey response analysis, this framework has been developed to provide an approach for creatives to spearhead a more effective and enjoyable creative media project communication system with clients.

It is ultimately the creative professional’s responsibility as the “expert” to onboard, educate, and guide the client through the creative project process. Setting the right tone, establishing expectations, and building an understanding of this framework is done during the initial stages of a project. Implementation of this framework should be adaptable and flexible enough to adjust to the different parameters of creative media projects across various industries and with the different styles of each designer.

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